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Company Overview

Company Profile

“As of February 2013 – Data is presented on a Consolidated Group Basis” 
Company Name Matsugen Co., Ltd.
Date of Establishment April 1948
Representative Nobuhiro Shikama, President and Chief Executive Officer
Common Stock US$2,060,000
Annual Sales US$150,000,000
Number of Employees 170
Our Business Wholesale and export of Farm products, including Fruit, Vegetables, Organic Vegetables, Fresh juice, Dry Fruit and Fruit Jelly

Group Companies

Company Name Address Telephone
Head Office 3-2-6 Tokai, Ota-Ku, Tokyo 143-0001 +81-3-5492-3241
Akishima Matsugen 2-10-8 Musashino, Akishima-Shi, Tokyo 196-0021 +81-425-41-8152
Utsunomiya Matsugen 1493 Yanase, Utsunomia-Shi, Tochigi 321-0933 +81-286-37-6262
Izumi Sangyo Co., Ltd 3-2-6 Tokai, Ota-Ku, Tokyo 143-0001 +81-3-5492-3241

Corporate Chronology

April 1948 Matsugen Ltd. was founded as an intermediary wholesaler of Farm Products.
June 1968 Akishima Matsugen was established.
January 1972 Matsugen Co., Ltd. was established from the merger of Matsugen Ltd. and 2 other companies.
January 1975 Utsunomiya Matsugen was established.
June 1975 Izumi Sangyo Co., Ltd. was established.
May 1989 Head Office was moved from Kanda to Ota due to the relocation of Tokyo Central Market.
May 1997 Saitama Matsugen was established.