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Matsugen Co. Ltd is an Intermediate Wholesaler of fruit and vegetables in the metropolitan area. We operate in Tokyo’s Ota Market.
Ota market is the biggest fruit and vegetable market in Japan. Thanks to its nation-wide network of agricultural cooperatives and producers it attracts the finest varieties of Japanese produce.
And thanks to its strategic location, only 5km from Haneda International Airport and 3km from Tokyo International Container Terminal we are ideally placed to export Japanese fruit and vegetables to all the main overseas markets.
For example, if we deliver the products to the airport by noon, then a customer in Hong Kong can take delivery on the same day.

Welcome to Matsugen

Matsugen Co., Ltd. is one of the major Intermediate Wholesalers of fruit and vegetables in Tokyo’s Ota Wholesale Market administered by the Tokyo Metropolitan Government. It is the largest fruit and vegetable market in Japan.

In 2013 we also started exporting fruit and vegetables to buyers overseas.

We will meet your needs based on our reputation as a “Trustworthy” company which has been built up over the years since we were first established.

Matsugen Co., Ltd. was founded as a high-quality fruit wholesaler in Tokyo’s former Kanda Market in 1948. Since then, we have accumulated our experience over the years by responding to changes in the industry. During this time span, we have continued to conduct our business with integrity and fairness and have taken solid steps to expand our customer base.

The environment surrounding agricultural produce in recent years has seen significant change and all stages, (production, distribution and consumption) are now even more diversified and complex. In the face of these changes, we have built a broader produce network and continue to meet our customers’ needs by providing them with a comprehensive assortment of produce from standard to high-quality.

Further we have also established a flexible organization which is not only known for providing top quality produce but also for providing a wide range of services tailored to customer needs such as: product information, arranging visits to agricultural production areas and various business meetings, as well as advice on opportunities for new product commercialization. We continue to contribute to the safety and security of high-quality produce for our customers, as well as the enrichment of a general lifestyle of eating fine food.

We appreciate the support of our customers and will continue to strive to improve our efforts to serve them better.

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If you are interested in importing Japanese premium fruit and vegetables or have any other inquiry about our services or comment on this website please let us know.